20 Ways to Capture Moments Before Your Baby’s 1st Birthday.

20 Ways to Capture Moments Before Your Baby’s 1st Birthday. | birthday, happy birthday, cake-2491381.jpg

When you’re expecting your second baby, there are so many things on your mind—from how to prepare for the arrival of your new little one to how you will balance being a mom and working. But what about the moment your first baby turns 1? 

It’s hard not to be excited and set up some sort of party or celebration. It is different, but it’s so important to capture this moment because they grow up so fast. Here are 20 ways to capture this moment before their first birthday blows past you.


Capture their first birthday

It may seem impossible to capture their first birthday moment. But there are a few ways to make it happen.

A phone camera is always useful and will help you get those candid shots of your nannusays that you know you’ll cherish forever. If you’re not exactly sure what to say, why not talk about what your family does for their big day? And don’t forget the cake! Whether it’s a simple slice of chocolate or something more elaborate, there’s something for every occasion.

Next time your baby turns 1, take the time to be present in this moment with them and celebrate their milestones by adding these 20 items to your list of things to do.


Party Planning | Invitations | Theme

The baby is going to be one soon! This is such an exciting time, but it also can be overwhelming. You have a lot to prepare for this momentous occasion and there are so many things to think about. 

One of the most important things you can do is plan your party. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate gathering or throwing an elaborate party, it’s essential that you plan ahead and get everything in order.

The first step in planning your party is deciding what kind of theme you want for the celebration. For example, if the theme is “shapes,” the invitations might say, “Join us for our celebrated 1st birthday! We’ll be exploring shapes with our friends on Sunday.”

 Or if you want to celebrate your child’s birthdays from now on every year, perhaps ask guests to bring favorite toys from their childhoods that they would like to share with the baby (they could also make a donation). You could even make some crafts together or set up some activities for kids at the party—it’s all up to you!

Then come up with your menu. Some people prefer a formal sit-down meal while others might prefer a hamburger bar and hot dogs. The key thing here is that


Decoration Ideas

• Decorate with balloons and streamers.

• Light candles in their room.

• Fill their room with flowers and family pictures.

• Purchase wrapping paper in their favorite colors to make a special gift.

• Write a birthday poem for your child that you can leave in their room or give them on their actual birthday.

• Wear your baby’s name on a necklace around your neck.


Photo Ideas

– Take a photo of your baby when they are first learning how to crawl.

– Take a photo of your baby in their favorite outfit.

– Take a photo of your babywearing the outfit you used for their birthday party.

– Take a photo with the parents and grandparents at the party, or in front of the cake.

– Try to take a photo that shows off their personality as well as their growth.


Video Ideas

– This adorable video perfectly captures the moment your first baby turns 1.

– A surprise party is a great way to capture this moment.

– Celebrate with a photo album that is full of memories.

– Getting dressed up in matching outfits and celebrating with a cake are some other ideas.

– You could also do something cute like draw their name out of chocolate or use it as cake icing.

– Use their favorite toy from when they were just a nannusays or create one new toy from scratch for them.

– Keep your baby’s feet warm before the big day with these adorable socks.


First Words and Sayings

It’s hard not to be excited and set up some sort of party or celebration. It is different, but it’s so important to capture this moment because they grow up so fast. Here are 20 ways to capture this moment before their first birthday blows past you.

1. Have a party with family and friends to celebrate your first birthday.

2. Take a photo of your little one wearing their special outfit from the day before, framed in the mirror next to a cake with candles lit on it.

3. Send out an email letting parents know about the event and encouraging them to share it with their friends and families as well as a post on social media with the hashtag #myfirstbirthdayparty

4. Have a nice photo album that is ready for when they turn 1 year old!

5. Make sure you Instagram a photo of something they were doing that morning because that will be how they’ll remember what happened!

6. Record yourself saying “My First Birthday” in front of your baby’s first picture frame at 12 months old (or whenever).

7. Place balloons around the house so when they turn 1, they can see where their journey began!

8. Gather all of their favorite


Special Day to Remember

1. You can save the moment to use in a yearbook or scrapbook

2. Create a keepsake for 1st birthday party

3. Create a photo book

4. Make a video montage of their first year

5. Save all their milestones from birth to this day

6. Host an online party with pictures/videos and gifts

7. Create a website so others can share your special day with you

8. Get together with family and friends, take photos and video, and create a digital album of memories

9. Take time-lapse videos of the days leading up to the event

10. Add the milestones of their first year on social media

11. Enjoy nature together–have picnics, bike rides, go for walks, etc., each day to capture happiness

12. Write what makes them special in your journal



Celebrating their first birthday is a milestone that is important to every child, but they may not know what to expect. Here are 20 ways to capture the moment of their first birthday.

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