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Online Quran Academy


Quran Education can be described as an Online Quran Academy operating from Pakistan. It was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose to spread information about the Holy Quran. The world of today is very different from the way it was three years back. The internet wasn’t as general back in the day. Quran Education would like to make use of the internet to aid those siblings and brothers who are having difficulty obtaining education at the Mosque or Madrasa.

You can now get an excellent education for yourself and or your children in the comfort of your homes. We insist on maintaining the standard of traditional education. When they graduate our students can understand the Holy Quran voluble while study all the rules of Tajweed. Check Our Courses

Quran for Everybody


Online Quran School believes in the fact that Quran is suitable for everyone. There is no age limit for learning about Quran. The importance that is the Quran in the lives of Muslims is clear from the countless Hadiths. Our courses have been designed in a manner that humor to the needs of youngsters and adults alike. Our courses allow anyone from any background to study and understand the Holy Quran with Tajweed with our Online Quran Classes.

Online Quran School

Our capacity is comprised of highly skilled and experienced teachers who have been trained by highly experienced and qualified. They are accredited by Wifaq ul Madaris. As well the teachers have great knowledge of both common as well as online Islamic education system. They are dedicated hard working and committed. Teachers are willing to accept criticism.


Our syllabus is easy to follow. We employ Noorani Qaida in our text book for our basic Tajweed Course. Noorani Qaida is a very tiny book. It’s extremely helpful for beginners. Our developers have made it more flexible to be suitable with the latest standards for online use. The updated version looks nice. It also has a color in certain areas. The colors are correlated to specific Tajweed rules in those locations. We also offer videos to aid students with their assignments.



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