7 Easy Tips To Get Custom Gift Card Boxes With Lower Cost

Gift Card Boxes

Gift card boxes are an inevitable part of every wedding all around the globe. It offers you a variety of options. With the availability of various themes, designs, elegant colour schemes, fonts, patterns, etc. you can personalize it according to your desire. If you like any design or want to add any particular element to your card, you can get it customized very easily. It can be customized to various shapes and sizes as well. It is mostly made up of cardboard, corrugated stock, or Kraft stock material, which are all eco-friendly materials.

A gift card box is highly customizable, environmentally friendly, and can be personalized. It can prove to be cost-effective as well for businesses if utilized wisely. To survive in this competitive market, businesses these days are not only focusing on increasing their profits but also interested in reducing their expenses. Gift card boxes are one of their major expense, which they are finding hard to cope with.

gift card boxes can come with high costs if printed improperly. Whether you are a small, medium, or large-sized enterprise, minimizing the cost of printing the cards can save you money which you can spend on other things. Let us find the seven easiest and most amazing tips to get them printed, which will save you money.

Take Technology Advantage:

First of all, remember to use cheap and efficient printing techniques. You can go for digital or offset printing techniques, which are much cheaper as compared to the other expensive techniques, for instance, letter printing or engrossing.

The Digital printing technique is probably the most efficient and cost-effective technique you will find. Unlike many other traditional techniques, digital printers are used to spray the ink on the cardboard rather than an imprint on them. Similarly, offset printing is economical for businesses looking for one step up from digital printing like custom boxes.

  1. Choose Materials Wisely for Gift Card Boxes:

The choice of the materials makes a huge impact on the total cost incurred to a business using printed gift card boxes. You can use cardboard, corrugated stock, and in some cases, the Kraft stock materials to print your card. The plus point of using these materials is that they are environmentally friendly.

This means that they are biodegradable. You can recycle and reuse them up to 6-7 times efficiently. They are also highly customizable as they can be customized in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This will provide you with an opportunity to easily cut them according to your desire to reduce the additional costs on hexagon boxes.

  1. Print Preview Command Usage:

Print preview command is the most effective cost-savvy technique which is often underused by the businesses. By using this command, you can get a preview of what your custom gift card boxes will look like. It makes the task easy for you by just selecting that part of the card you need to print rather than printing a whole of it. It helps the printed gift card boxes printing document to have only the required content as well.

  1. Plan Ink Usage for Gift Card Boxes:

Usually, the cost of ink is worrying for most companies today because if you have a colored background, it will consume a lot of ink, incurring more costs. But you do not need to worry. You can plan the ink used in printing the cards by setting your printer on draft mode. This default setting will help in reducing ink consumption. It operates by automatically setting your resolution to 300 dpi, which is perfect for printing these days. It can increase your printing speed as well. This is the easiest and very simple tip to implement on your printers to save the additional printing costs.

  1. Reduce The Machine Cutting Time:

Laser machines are usually use to cut the gift card boxes. The more complicated and brief design is, the machine will take time to print it on the card. Likewise, the more time we spend on printing it, the more electricity is consumed. So it would be not wrong to say that the design you select probably determines the cost of your card.

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If you have a detailed gift card boxes invitation design, one of the most effective ways to reduce its cost is to remove the design from one of its sides, and it would still look beautiful. With that, you will be able to reduce the cutting time of your machine, ultimately reducing the cost.

  1. Use Bright Colors for Gift Card Boxes:

Gift card box printing through full-colour artwork, i.e., printing in CMYK rather than spot colours, is the most economical way to print. With the development of digital and offset printing technologies, it is no longer a cost-savvy process for a printer to wash down and make distinct printing plates for each separate colour. If you want to reduce the costs of your business. Go for CMYK rather than spot colors as the latter are class as special processes these days.

  1. Economical Printer:

Manufacturers most often choose a printer to print custom gift card boxes based on their speed and quality. However, there are several other factors as well. Which should be look after to reduce the overall printing costs to the business. Before purchasing a printer, doing proper research can benefit you lifestyle.

Firstly, you need to learn the cost of replacing ink cartridges. And if high capacity versions are readily available or not. It should be keep in mind that standard cartridges may prove cost-effective initially, but high capacity cartridges can produce a high number of gift card boxes printing.

If your company requires a high value of printing the cards every day. A high-capacity cartridge can be economical for you as compared to the standard one. We explore the various dynamics of how gift card boxes can be print at relatively lower costs by businesses to compete in the market effectively. To get an idea, have a look at the above-mentioned suggestions for business.

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