Features of Handheld Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers are a great way to get the paint job done quickly and easily. They can be used for both small and large projects, and there are several different types of paint sprayers available on the market. If you’re considering purchasing a handheld paint sprayer, here are some of the features you should look for.

One important consideration is the power source. Many handheld paint sprayers run on compressed air, which can be supplied by a compressor or an air tank. Make sure that the model you choose has sufficient power to do the job you need it to do.

Latest and Greatest
As a graco handheld paint sprayer, Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer is the latest and greatest. This tool has many features and advantages which make it more suited to use than other handheld models. The complete information about this equipment can be found on graco website.

Stand in Toughest Condition

  • The Graco Magnum X7 is a long-duty gun. It is designed to withstand heavy use in the toughest conditions. The parts are built with quality plastic and metal components that make it very durable and flexible in all kinds of paint jobs you can think of, from a small job to a large one. That’s why the manufacturers have included a three year limited warranty on this little giant.

Easy to Stop and Start

  • One of the features of graco handheld paint sprayer that you will find to be helpful is the easy-to-stop and start systems this device has to offer. You can easily switch it on and off as well as go from one paint job area to another with just a simple touch. So if you’re working in different areas, say indoors and outdoors where the gun needs to be washed up before going inside, this feature will make your life a lot easier.

Motor Cup Capacity

  • The Magnum X7 has a Motor cup capacity of 7 gallons with the max pressure of 3600 psi and GPM is 3.5 using a .013 orifice size on any material such as latex acrylic lacquer enamel urethane and epoxy.

Ability to Switch

  • The best feature about this gun is its ability to switch from 1 material to another without stopping or unplugging the power cord. You can smoothly move from one surface to another with just a push of a button. This will help you speed up your project significantly, thus saving you time and money.

Five Fan Setting

  • There are five fan settings to choose from which will give you the desired paint job. One of them is sure to suit your needs and provide you with ample coverage for a smooth finish. The Graco Magnum X7 has an adjustable pressure dial letting you easily manipulate how much material you want dispersed in air or on the ground during painting.


Low Level Noise

  • This little machine has a low noise level compared to other models, thus providing you with a peaceful and relaxing use. Not only will your neighbors and family be pleased but their pets as well allowing them some peace and quiet when they’re at home while you’re using it.

graco handheld paint sprayer is a great product and worth every dollar you can invest in it. It will be your best friend for years to come and your go-to tool when you’re faced with any paint job.

Virtual Projects

The Magnum X7 can handle virtually any painting project, big or small and its motor is able to run continuously without overheating from all the use. It is lightweight, so it will be easy for anyone to use and comfortable in your hands with the optimum pressure required for you paint job.

Benefit of Handheld Paint Sprayer

  • In recent years, the popularity of DIY projects has surged. People are interested in being able to complete tasks around the house themselves, rather than hiring a professional.
  • While this can often save money, it can also be a great way to learn new skills. Painting is one task that many people choose to do themselves, and there are a number of ways to go about it.
  • One option is to use a handheld paint sprayer. This type of tool can be especially beneficial for large projects or ones where a lot of detail is required.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, and can save you a lot of time and effort when compared to other methods of painting, like using a brush or roller.


Although graco handheld paint sprayer come with a higher price tag than traditional rollers and brushes, they can save time and money in the long run. They are especially useful for large projects or when you need to cover a lot of surface area quickly. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your painting project, consider investing in a handheld paint sprayer.

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