Best Cruise Lines for College Students for Spring Break

A cruise vacation is one of college students’ most brilliant vacation options. It is affordable and very hassle-free, and in addition, it provides tons of free entertainment for the students, including nightlife. Most students are on a tight budget and always want the best deal for their buck.

On top of that, cruise meals include meals and not forgetting the opportunity to visit various destinations in one cruise. If the port of your choice is within driving distance, you will avoid the airfare and only need to book parking before heading for the cruise.

Here is a look at the best cruise lines you can choose if you are looking for a spring break vacation.

The Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean is among the best options for students because it is huge and filled with thrilling activities such as surf simulators and rock-climbing walls. It also offers lively nightlife, plenty of bars and other onboard entertainment options for young adults.

If you are on spring break, you should consider a three to four-night cruise to the Bahamas from one of the ports in Florida. You can choose from Freedom of the Seas, Independence of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas which all make stops at the Royal Caribbean private Island, which has an adults-only beach zip line and a water park.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is relatively new in the market, but it is bound to be a huge hit with spring breakers. For starters, no kids are allowed on board, and the ships are for people above 18 years. It has adult themes where you can get a tattoo on board and attend their sex-themed lounge and the many late-night pool parties.

Virgin Voyages cruise fares are not always cheap, but they include all the meals onboard, Wi-Fi onboard, gratuities for the crew, nonalcoholic drinks and the fun fitness groups onboard. You will only have to take care of your bill at the bar. To lower the cost of your cruise, you can book the Social Insider Cabin the sleep for people. The space in this cabin is tight, but you will mostly need it to sleep and shower.

Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival cruise line is famous for its fun themes ships with tons of bars and casual dining, including Shaq’s fried chicken and Guy Fieri burgers. The deck is full of fun and games that students enjoy. The cruise fares are very student friendly, and the casual atmosphere makes the students feel at home.

You can enjoy a three to four-night cruise to the Bahamas from a port in Florida. Some ships also visit different Bahamian ports, Private Islands, Mexico, private islands and Key West.

H2: MSC Cruises

The MSC Cruises offer a marvellous adventure to the Bahamas. The MSC Meraviglia and MSC Davina offer a three and four-night experience to Ocean Cay, Nassau and MSC’s Private island, which attracts an international and multilingual crowd.

MSC fares are always affordable compared to other cruise lines in the market. There isn’t much to do on the cruise other than soak up in the sun, enjoy refreshing drinks at the beach, and snack on your favourite food. If you ask me, this is the perfect way to decompress after a long stressful semester.

MSC has the best pizza at sea, not forgetting their tacos and sushi. There is a nice onboard bar where you can try out your favourite cocktails. There is also the Formula One Race Care simulator and an arcade to try out. The ships also offer Karaoke in a wide range of languages if you are looking for one.

Margaritaville at Sea

The Margaritaville at Sea offers the cheapest and quickest two-night cruise between Florida, Palm beach, Bahamas and Freeport. The best part for spring breakers is that the legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18 plus years, and you only need to be 18 years to book the trip.

However, you will need to be 21 years and older to lengthen your cruise or stay package in any of the hotels in the Bahamas.

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