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Is your basement flooded?

Worry not. Call Mister Plumber at 416 939 1530, one of Toronto’s most trustworthy and top-rated plumbing technicians. A flooding basement can be a horrifying sight, and it can happen at any time in Toronto due to sudden and unexpected rainfall. But taking some preventative measures can protect the basement against flooding.

What causes basement flooding with Mister Plumber?

Basement flooding can be caused due to various factors such as leakage in the basement or foundation of a house, poor drainage system, and blocked home and primary sewer connection. In addition, rainwater, backflow of sewer water, and a failed sump pump can also accumulate water in the basement. Furthermore, if there are cracks in walls, and windows or debris accumulating over eavestroughs and downspouts, it can also prevent the water from flowing into the drainage.

How can you prevent your basement from flooding?

You can take several steps against flooding before it even begins. Some won’t require much effort, while others would need a professional hand. Sealing cracks in walls, and windows, keeping your drain clean, and repairing weeping tile systems and sump pumps will help prevent flooding. You must also make sure to clear debris and obstructions that prevent water from flowing to the storm sewer.

Further steps that you can take must ensure that the water flows down and away from your home instead of accumulating in your basement. Clear eavestroughs and downspouts, and if feasible you can also disconnect the downspouts.


Basement flooding could cause damage to the foundation of a house. And one must take several steps to prevent the likelihood of water accumulating in the basement from the outside or inside the house. There are several factors that could cause basement floodings, such as leakage or stormwater. While some preventative steps that you can take will fix the flooding problem in other scenarios. If your basement is flooded, then you would have to hire the services of professional plumbing technicians.

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Sewage water that floods a basement is contaminated and is a health hazard for household members. If there is a leakage in your basement or some other drainage problem, rather than fixing it yourself or hiring an amateur service. It would be an excellent choice to take the help of a plumbing company experienced in repairing all kinds of plumbing.

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