Astrological Rituals Which Can Attract Positivity To Your Life

Astrology is the study involving examining the planetary motions and alignment of stars to predict future outcomes and even remove any ‘dosh’ or negative energies if any. There are many Vedic astrological rituals, for several decades that people believe in and follow across the world, to gain success and attract positive energies in their life. According to the best astrologer in USA, these rituals are invaluable in a person’s life.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the astrological rituals that you can incorporate into your life to live your life better.

Astrological tips to attract positive energy in your life 

There are several astrological tips you can find anywhere but not all of them are authentic. So, it is important you rely only on trusted sources for information.

These are the top 10 tips recommended by astrologer in USA to attract positivity and success in your life.

  1. The window facing the east side of your house should be built in such a way that it lets maximum sunlight inside. This is because the sun god is associated with prosperity and health.
  2. To attract positive energy, you should be radiating it as well. Think of the vibes you are emitting every day. Think happy thoughts also consider the kind of energy you are giving out when you’re spending time with other people. 
  4. Try spirituality. It is an excellent way to connect with your inner self and to the god inside you. You will feel less stressed and calmer. There are many spiritual practices you can adopt like meditation or even working with a trainer.
  5. Spread as much happiness as you can. Smile more, greet people, think positive thoughts, and always envision a happy and successful future.
  6. Keep a tulsi plant on your balcony or inside your house. According to an Indian astrologer in USA, it blocks the negative energies away and attracts positive vibes in the house.
  7. Avoid placing an open shoe rack at the entrance of your house. It may attract negative energies that can lead to disharmony at your home. Furthermore, always place shoe racks on the southwest side of your house and not in the north, west, or north-east direction.
  8. Avoid sleeping with your head facing the north direction. According to the best astrologer in New York, it can be harmful to your health as magnetic waves from the earth go from north to south. 
  9. Ensure that all the wall clocks in your home are in a working condition and always place them in the north, west, or east direction. Also, preferably avoid green color wall clocks as it is considered to bring bad luck or negative energies along with them.
  10. Always clean and maintain the nameplate in your house. A dirty nameplate might take away golden opportunities from your family and attract undesirable energies to your place. If you don’t have one, you should consider buying it for your home.
  11.  Lastly, one of the most important aspects of your home – the main door should be big. It is not only a pathway for people to enter but also considered a pathway for all the good energies, wealth, and prosperity to enter and grace the home. 

These are some of the highly recommended rituals that can attract positivity and longevity in your life. astrologer in New York are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Hence, their suggestions always tend to be to the point. 

Do these rituals work? 

This is a question that is asked by many people nowadays, especially the skeptical new generation. Astrology is a study that is not backed by scientific research so proving its credibility can be a difficult task. However, a large number of people across the world have faith in it. Furthermore, according to an Indian astrologer in New York, these rituals have indeed been helpful to people in overcoming the negative influences or dosh in their horoscopes and leading a happy and satisfying life. 

Hence, believing in these rituals is a personal choice that must be respected under any circumstances.

Final word

As you can see, astrological rituals play an important role in bringing positive vibes and good health into your family. It can take your career to the next level, improve your romantic life, ensure a happy marriage, and so on. However, you must always maintain precautions as nowadays, the market is saturated with fraudsters trying to mislead you for monetary gains. Other than that, if you have any worries we suggest you keep them aside and give them a go.

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